Fort McMurray man with hate crime history guilty of slashing tires, gluing racist posters to vehicles

Bradley Love, 65, was found guilty of gluing “Keep Canada White” to vehicles and slashing their tires.

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A Fort McMurray man with a history of committing hate crimes is guilty of slashing tires and gluing racist posters to vehicles. He then plead guilty to mischief and failure to comply with an undertaking in two separate trials.

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Bradley Love, 65, was found guilty on Nov. 27 of slashing tires of vehicles where he had seen at least one person of colour as an occupant. In two cases, Love glued posters that said “Keep Canada White” to vehicles. The incidents happened on three different dates at the Waterways boat launch.

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Love or his vehicle, a grey Chevrolet van with electronics or boxes on the dashboard and a red fire extinguisher near the front seat, was identified by witnesses or victims. Police also found Love’s fingerprints on copies of those posters in his vehicle and home when he was arrested in Oct. 2020.

Love represented himself. He argued in his closing statements that the Crown’s evidence was “conjecture from wannabe detectives.” He also said there was no proof any tires were slashed. He argued witness testimonies were unreliable because people stare at their phones in public.

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Love looked shocked as he was found guilty by Justice Andrea Hemmerling. Love was acquitted of seven mischief charges alleging Love glued similar posters to private vehicles and Canada Post boxes throughout Fort McMurray. Hemmerling said in those cases there was insufficient evidence of property damage, but warned Love “it does not mean that what was done was not unlawful.”

Love proposed compensating his victims, who spent a combined $2,392.15 replacing their tires. But he showed no sympathy for them or remorse for his actions.

The court was ready to sentence Love that day until Crown prosecutor Photini Papadatou said one victim wanted to read a victim impact statement in person before sentencing.

This made Love angry and he insisted his victims exaggerated their emotional distress. He wanted to question the victim’s sincerity and was frustrated when Hemmerling said he cannot do this because she already issued a verdict.

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Love faced three successive trials after originally pleading not guilty to those charges. He plead guilty to the charges in the remaining two trials scheduled to follow his Nov. 27 verdict.

Love remains in custody since August for allegedly making threatening comments about planes at the Fort McMurray International Airport. That trial is scheduled for December 2024.

Long history of hate crime, harassment convictions

Love has served multiple sentences following hate crime and harassment convictions in Alberta and the Toronto area.

Court documents show Love has a criminal history dating back to 1980. Love has been convicted of multiple instances of assault, weapons charges, harassment, mischief, breaking and entering, uttering threats, mailing obscene matter, and failing to comply with probation. He has also been charged with intimidation and procuring prostitution.

Love made headlines in 2003 after he was charged with sending racist and anti-Semitic messages to 17 people. He pled guilty in a Newmarket, Ont. court to more than 20 counts of willfully promoting hatred and served an 18-month jail sentence.

Love was given a 24-month probationary sentence in December 2021 for threatening a staff member at the constituency office of former Fort McMurray-Cold Lake MP David Yurdiga.

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